I’m hoping you found this site by accident, since I haven’t done much in the way of advertising. If someone forwarded you a link from here, then great!

What’s this site for?

This is a place to collect at least some of the more important random notes and ideas that I tend to have. Things are somewhat random and sometimes don’t even make sense to me.

I like to think that I’m always learning and always experimenting with new things and ideas. Sometimes the research is spread out all over the intertubes so having a single point of collection is a good thing.

A lot of the stuff here is technology related, seeing that I’m a geek, but I’ve also started keeping recipes here for the healthy food that my wife and I enjoy eating. All of the recipes are certified as good by our tastes. I tend to experiment with the recipes so any findings are documented as options that you might want to try. Your milage my vary.



Probably the easiest way is through Skype.